Auntie Julie's Lil' Angels Daycare

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"Our 5-year old daughter Zara has been in this daycare for the past three years, and has thrived with the loving attention that Julie and Steph provide. Zara truly looks forward to going to Aunt Julie's every single day.

 The kids have a great mix of preschool activities, playtime and crafts to help encourage proper development and kindergarten readiness. Kindness, good manners and respect for others, and helpfulness are all a part of daily activities. All kids can have their challenging moments, and both Julie and Steph are amazing when these situations arise with the right mix of patience and no-nonsense!

I am eternally grateful that we were able to find such a wonderful, reliable daycare for our daughter while my husband and I were working. It's tough to be away from your kids for all or part of the day, and knowing Zara was having a fantastic time in a safe and nurturing environment each day made it a little easier." 

Carol B. 

About Auntie Julie

 "I am a mother to three grown children and I also have been blessed with four Grandchildren. I have been working in the child care industry for the last 16 years. After many years of caring for wonderful children, I have opened my doors to provide quality, nurturing child care in my home. I feel home based care holds many advantages. My small size allows me flexibility and intimacy that is not available when trying to care for 65-100 children, such as you find in large centers. As a result, children are often confused by a lack of consistency. I provide stability with consistent expectations, which results in trust and strong bonds."

-Auntie Julie

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